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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ann Cain, Thank you for my beautiful purse!

Ann Cain sent me this beautiful purse for the Fall Purse Swap
on the Sewing Purses For Fun Yahoo Group.

      It has the cutest print of little cowboys and cowgirls cooking out on the wagon trail!
      It is fully lined with one large zippered pocket and many others all the way around the inside to keep everything organized. It has 2 pockets that are perfect for pens. It also zips closed (which I love) and has nice braided jute like handles. She also included a cell phone holder with the words "Call Me" embroidered on the front with another little blue jean note pad holder with pen that is also embroidered with "Leave A Note".

        I love, love, love it! She included a note that said she wanted to give me something with a "taste of Texas"..... Yummy! I just love the taste of Texas... LOL

          Thank you so much Ann for the nice purse and accessories and the excellent workmanship and time you spent in making it. I really appreciate it and I am putting my purse stuff in it as soon as this is posted.

            "Say, have you seen my new purse?"

            Purse Swap for SewingPursesForFun Yahoo Group

            This is the purse I made for Becky Johnson for the Fall Purse Swap at Sewing Purses for Fun Yahoo Group. This purse was knitted on my 18" board and then I crocheted the handles on to the purse with beads. I then lined the purse with a coordinating fabric and included a small purchased coin purse.

            Monday, October 16, 2006

            Crocheted Christmas Presents

            These are two crocheted jackets that I have been working on for my daughter. The black one is Lilliana and is crocheted in Patons Brilliant in Black. I didn't add the pineapples to the sleeves yet as I am waiting to see how it fits my daughter. She is coming to visit the end of the month.

              The pink one is a One Button Bolero free pattern from Moda Dea. It is made using Moda Dea Beadnik in Bongo Pink. This is the color my daughter picked and I have 2 more rows around the bottom, as I ran out of yarn and have to buy more. It is supposed to be buttoned at the front, but I like it pulled to the side. So, I have to figure out how I am going to do the closure.

              Saturday, October 7, 2006

              My goodie package from Liz on KKEXnMORE group!

              My Craft Exchange Package from Liz

                Thanks Liz for all of my wondermous goodies!

                  I am in an exchange group called KKEXnMORE at Yahoo and these are all the goodies that I received today from Liz Fox!

                    This cute pillow that totally matches my own...It's the one in the front center and to the left of it, is the cute little crochet hook case, with all of my hooks in it! How did you know Liz that I didn't have a case for my hooks!

                        I also received a bag full of beautiful colors of wool roving! I just started needle felting so this will come in handy. A skein of tan Starlite yarn, a supersize skein of Sugar and Cream, which of course I will use for making my dishcloth's. You can see to the right my crochet hook case that is brown with little pink flowers. I also got a chocolate candy bar...Um!

                          Now the best part.... So many great magazines, pamphlets and leaflets! Some are even vintage! So cool, I can't wait to sit down tonight and look through all of them. Here is a list...

                            3 Joann leaflets
                            1991 Annies Crochet Newsletter booklet
                            1993 Annies Crochet Newsletter booklet
                            1992 McCalls Needlework and Crafts Magazine
                            1983 Better Homes and Gardens-Needlework and Craft Ideas
                            1989 Christmas Crochet Magazine
                            1993 Crochet Fantasy Magazine
                            1988 Christmas Knit and Crochet Magazine
                            1994 & 1995 Issues of Leisure Arts Magazine
                            2006 issue of Crochet World
                            Finn Time by Eila - pattern for V neck vest

                              1991 crocheted Toppers pattern pamphlet shown here to the left. Do you recognize the model. It is the actress that played "Sheila" on the Bold and the Beautiful soap opera in 1998.

                                and last but not least a vintage 1951 Crochet for Christmas Leaflet with patterns for Ornaments, Doll Clothes and Toys, that was published by The American Thread Co.

                                    It is even older than I am!
                                    Here is a photo of the inside for little doll clothes, and there is even a pattern in it for the trees in the background!

                                      To say the least I am so happy with my craft exchange package! Can you tell? LOL

                                      Thanks so much Liz!

                                      Monday, October 2, 2006

                                      Dishcloth Cro-Hook Style


                                        Dishcloth Cro-Hook Style

                                          I really enjoy this method of crocheting. It is very similar to Tunisian crochet but you use a double ended crochet hook and turn and slide your work from end to end. You can use 2 colors of yarn as I did here or just one. This makes your project look the same on both sides. It produces a very soft feel to your project as well.

                                            I used a denim blue, light and medium cotton yarn by Debbie Bliss. I used a size J crohook. When working the pattern instead of picking up every vertical bar on your forward row, you pick up the first horizontal stitch after your first vertical bar and pull up a loop. You then pull up a loop on that next verical bar as well. You then skip the next vertical bar and pick up a loop in the next horizontal stitch and vertical bar. You do this all the wary across on your forward rows. Your return row is a regular Tunisian return row, except that you slide your work to the opposite end of your hook and use your second color to return back.

                                              To the right is a photo of the light blue side and to the left a photo of the darker blue side.

                                                This method goes really fast and I know that I will make more dishcloths this way.

                                                      You can find the pattern for this dishcloth at Wrights Classroom.

                                                        I hope that I have inspired you to try a new method of taking yarn and making it into something special!