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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nine Squared Dishcloth

Introducing my newest knitting pattern!
Nine Squared Dishcloth

Front Side

 I love knitting and crocheting dishcloths! They make great gifts and are quick and easy to make. I'm always looking for new and different patterns for dishcloths and I especially love those that are not only unique but easy to make as well.

This one is so easy! There are only knit and purl stitches and the border stitches are knit as you go, so when you're done, you're done!

Back Side
It seems the simplest patterns are always my go to patterns. I hope that you'll enjoy this easy pattern and it will also become one of your go to patterns for dishcloths.

You can purchase this pattern here..
Nine Squared Dishcloth Pattern

or scan this QR Code with your smart device

" Have a blessed day!"

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Character Scarf Patterns and What Loom to use?

I've had many people ask me if my scarf patterns work with the Knifty Knitter boards and the answer is no. Why? Well the gauge is way too large and you can't get a tight enough stitch. You really need to use a regular gauge knitting board and there are many places that you can find them online. I prefer to use the scarf regular gauge boards as my patterns only use 7 pegs. They are sold using pegs or pins, my preference is pegs.
I suggest either the Mini Scarf loom or the Scarf loom at CinDWood Crafts here...
Be sure to ask for either with 5/8 inch spacing.

Another option is the Martha Stewart loom kit which you can find at your local Michaels Arts and Crafts, Hobby Lobby, AC Moore and JoAnn Fabrics. You can use a coupon as well which makes this kit affordable. Then set the pieces up as knitting board and use the pink pegs in every other hole. You can find a preview video here.

" Have a blessed day!"

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I have another WIP that I have marked off of my to do list to share with you today! I had made one of these little sweaters back in April of 2011 (Cutie Tootie) and a month after 
started this one. (Cuddle Muffin

I had seen the pattern Lillieput and loved it, but at the time didn't want to spend $7.00 for that pattern for just one size. So, I opted for the free pattern, Short Rows Baby Jacket. This pattern worked fine, but does have it's flaws. I think the neck comes out way to large and the sleeves too narrow. Instead of picking up stitches around the neck, I crocheted 2 rows of sc. I also added crochet loops for button holes. I think this could be used for a boy, but seems better suited for a girl. To me this pattern looks more girly anyway.

I may end up purchasing the other pattern anyway as I do love it. I still need to sew my patch on the first one, but have decided not to sew a patch to this one. My Ravelry notes are linked above. Thanks for taking time to look!

" Have a blessed day!"

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I've been trying to finish up some of my WIP's (work in progress) before knitting anything new. Which by the way is extremely difficult. LOL So, the first WIP that I really wanted to finish was my "Something Sky Blue" cardigan. I started this project in April of 2007! I had my VSG this past March 2012 and have lost over 100 lbs. since June of 2011. So I figured it was time to finish this so I could at least wear it for a while.

I was pretty happy with how it turned out. I opted for no button and used a shawl pin instead. It's not perfect and oh my I am such a better knitter than I used to be. I see so many sloppy stitches and should I ever make this again I know the next will look much improved.
Here are my Ravelry Notes and the pattern is called "Something Red" by Wendy Bernard.
Thanks for taking time to look!

" Have a blessed day!"

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sweater Dishcloth

So, I've been knitting some tops for me to wear once I'm thinner! I just finished a beautiful lace top (Jordan) and I'll post about it soon.

After so much intense knitting I needed a dishcloth break and happened upon this adorable pattern on etsy last week. The only downside is she doesn't offer it for download so I had to wait for it to me mailed to me. I started it last night and finished it today. So cute! You can find my Raverly details here and the pattern for sale here.

" Have a blessed day!"

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Love me some felted slippers...

Ever since knitting my first pair of Fiber Trends felted clogs I have loved wool slippers!
Why? Well, you can slip them on with bare feet, they keep your feet toasty warm and your feet DO NOT sweat in them! LOVE, LOVE!

I literally wear holes in the heels of every pair I have knit for myself. However, I think I have that problem solved! This last pair I knit for myself using the pattern "Felted Clogs made Easy" I painted the bottoms with Tulip Slick paint.

This not only makes the bottoms non-slip it gives them extra durability. I used a foam brush and painted on 2 coats, letting the first dry before applying the second coat.

This works much better than the Plasti-Dip product I have used in the past. The Plasti-Dip smells horrible and it seeps through to the inside of your slipper. The Tulip Slick paint has no smell and stays put on the bottom and doesn't seep through to the inside!

I just squirted out an outline of where I wanted the paint to be and then kept squirting it out and filling in the outlined area.

Next I used a cheap throw away foam brush to spread it out. I found it worked best pulling from the outline into the center area. It dries pretty fast and will have a shiny look even when dry.

 I wear mine every day and absolutely love them!

I also love this pattern! It is by far the fastest and easiest knitted slipper and I'll be making many more of these using this pattern! You knit the tops, seam the heel and knit the soles separately. Then you seam the tops to the bottoms. Don't let this seaming discourage you from trying this pattern. Believe me it's super simple and fast!

I also knit this pair as a gift to my gynecologist "Dr. Sal". Long story but she is the best ever and I just love her. I've been through a lot with her this past year and she always makes me feel like I am her only patient. She was so thrilled with the slippers and they fit her perfectly!

I placed them sole to sole and wrapped a belly band around them with a cute scalloped sentiment on the front. I think it added just the right touch.

I hope you'll give not only knitted and felted slippers a try, but also this wonderful pattern...
" Have a blessed day!"

Sunday, July 15, 2012

My newest Dishcloth Wrapper Set

Birdhouse Dishcloth Wrapper PDF Set

I love designing dishcloth/washcloth wrapper sets for all of my handmade dishcloths!

This is my newest set, now available for purchase for $3.99. You will receive a PDF personalized with your name and all 4 label styles shown.

You can print them out as many times as you wish. I can also change them to read "Knitted for you by or Crocheted for you by" instead of Handmade for you by at no extra charge.

I can change them to read Washcloth instead of Dishcloth at no extra charge! (You have to leave me a note to seller if you want them to read Washcloth. NO NOTE and they will read Dishcloth!)

I can also add a 3rd line with your business name or url for an extra $.50
(Anything written in the 3rd line space without paying the extra $.50 will be IGNORED!)

You can purchase this set below...

Set Option
Phrase Choices
First Name Only

3rd Line to Read

Your set will be emailed to your email address on file with PayPal and will come from my email beehappy (at) beehappydesigns (dot) com
Please let me know if you don't receive your wrappers within the day! 
" Have a blessed day!"

Monday, January 9, 2012

More information on using pegs to knit with netted yarn...

I've had several people to ask me where I bought the end peg pieces that I used to knit my ruffled scarves. Here is some more information about that and what you can do to use pegs and knit these scarves like I do.
First I watched Iselas video here. She uses the Knifty Knitter brand of knitting board in that video and you can find those at Michaels Craft stores or other craft stores. She is using the purple one and I can’t remember if it’s sold alone or in a set. That would be the easiest and cheapest way to go.
Now the way I make them is by using the end pegs from my adjustable loom. My post with photo and instructions is here

I no longer refer anyone to dalooms dot com!!! My last order with them 5 months ago has never come nor have I ever received any communication from them as to why.
Now what may be a good idea for you, is to get (2) of their Keepsake Looms. These should work just fine for making these scarves the way I do. You’ll only be using about 7 of those pegs anyway and it doesn’t matter what gauge or size they are. I think this is the way to go. 
The only other thing you could do is to go and buy one of the Knifty Knitter brand knitting boards (the smallest one you can find) and have your husband to saw it in half to give you 2 separate sides. They cut pretty easily and you can sand the edges smooth.
Hope that helps!

" Have a blessed day!"