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Friday, September 28, 2007

What's with the Blankety Blank?

Potty Mouth?

If you use the Firefox browser there is a great add on that they have, called Profanity Filter.
You must have the GreaseMonkey add on installed first. I have found this to be a wonderful tool for me and I am sure at least some of you will also find it useful.

Why am I blogging about potty mouth? Well, as my blog reading has much increased due to the Google Reader's Next function which makes it so easy to go from blog to blog, I have found that some of my favorite blogs have an ever increasing use of foul language. Now, mind you I am not perfect and have used many a curse word in my many years of life, but I refrain from cursing and writing out curse words. It is a conscious choice because of my faith and I have also never thought it pretty to see a lady use profanity or gentleman like of any man to use it either.

I actually never thought much about cursing, as I am used to the regular foul language in TV and movies these days, however I don't hang around anyone who curses and no one in my family curses. Then one day at Ravelry I noticed that on the about me page that you fill out it asks you your fave curse word? This sorta shocked me as I thought "fave" then it occurred to me I am in the minority here...LOL

Now I don't want to give up my fav blogs and with the above tools I don't have too! I mean why throw the baby out with the dirty bath water... right? So cool!

Now, I don't want to offend you if you curse...that is by the way your choice and your right. I just don't want to hear it or see it as it offends me. I mean every time I am casually reading someone's blog and really enjoying it and out of the blue "BAM slam thank you mam" in my face offensive language! Why?

I guess I have never understood why it's necessary. I really think it is just a bad habit that you get into. I remember before I was married and young... LOL... and working in a salon, I and another co-worker got pretty bad about using the S- - - word and the D-- word. We both decided that we were going to stop and we did. It took a concerted effort but we did it.

To end, this of course is JMHO, but I sure am glad that just as you have the right to have a "potty mouth", I also have the right not to have to hear it!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole

My Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole

this pattern is in the Scarf Style Book!
Click Here for Scarf Style Book

I am using Paton's SWS Stripes in Natural Navy colorway.
NOTE: The yarn self stripes which is great!
However, you only get about 4 rows out of one skein.

I am really enjoying this pattern and I just don't want to put it down.
It is not as hard as it looks and this pattern is the easiest I have seen
as far as the directions that are given.

I am making this for ME!
byebye Post PS... my birthday is this Thursday the 27th of September, so I am celebrating my birthday with a birthday background and theme for my blog all this week!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Weekend Wedding Shower

As you know I had been knitting and crocheting dishcloth's for a wedding shower that I was going to attend this past Saturday for Jessica Wikoff who is marrying my nephew Winston. They will exchange vows on October 6th, 2007 on the beach in Litchfield Beach, SC. My husband and I are looking forward to attending the rehearsal dinner as well as the wedding.

Here is the cute invitation...

I got her the 8 cup Pyrex Cup that she had on her Target wedding gift registry and a gift card. I then rolled up all 7 of the dishcloth's (one for each day of the week) and placed them inside the glass cup and wrapped it all in clear cellophane wrap and tied on a bow.

Here are all the dishcloth's...

whoops no finished photo of this one!

The wedding shower was so much fun and it was held at the most beautiful home!
You can see all of the photo's I took here...

Jessica's Wedding Shower Album

Here is Jessica opening up my gift. As soon as she picked it up she smiled at me and said "I know who this is from!"

Here is another of her holding up the heart one...

She is a very beautiful young lady and so sweet as well. You can tell that Winston and Jessica are so in love and I wish them all the best in their life together as husband and wife.

Now a time warp...

All this talk of wedding's brought back memories of our wedding!
It's been almost 30 years since my marriage to my high school sweetheart. It really doesn't seem that long. Here is Patrick and I on our wedding day, April 8th, 1978.

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Friday, September 7, 2007

I really have FOs and other stuff!

Here is my Starry, Starry Night all finished. This was an easy pattern and one that I will most likely use again. I wasn't as pleased with my stars as I should have been. I think because the weight of the yarn was just too light. Next time I will make them out of a worsted weight instead. I also love the back as it is just as pretty as the front. Who's it for, why my first grandbaby of course...LOL Now if I can just get one of my children to get married, so that I will one day have a grandchild. Overall, a fun and pretty fast project.


I have also finished up several dishcloth's. I am making them for a wedding shower that I am going to next weekend. I wanted to have 7, one for every day of the week.


Some are knitted and the other's are crocheted using a double ended hook. They are called Cro-hook dishcloth's. I really love these as they are one color on one side and another color on the other side.

I have also made 2 of the Garterlac Dishcloth's by Criminy Jicket's

These are so easy and sooo much fun to make as they are all knitting, no purling!


Have you seen the new Sugar and Cream Stripes?
This will be so great to use on more garterlac dishcloths!


I have also finally sat down and made some stitch markers and row counters. I had seen them everywhere but couldn't bring myself to buy any, as I knew I could make them myself. Now mind you these are my very first and they aren't really fancy, but I can't wait to use them.

2007_09070004 Here is the row counter, for up to 6 rows. I am also going to make one that is adjustable. But, that's another post...LOL It's hard to see in this photo, but that is a little bee at the end.

Here are the cute A - H 2007_09070007 row marker's that Cat Bordhi talks about on her YouTube video. Of course, once I have been bitten by the crafty bug, I just kept

on making stitch markers.

Here are the other one's I made. Don't you love the2007_09070001
middle one above with the curly wire, I was going for a yarn look.
Aren't they just adorable! Well, now this gives me a great excuse to go buy more beads!

Boy, I am glad my hubbie works at Michaels, speaking of which. They have their big employee sale next weekend and all of the employee's get 40% off of their entire order... YIPPEE!

But, that's not all... they also give each employee, 25 discount cards to give to friends for 25% off of their entire order. So, I am taking my cards to share with my friends at the Charlotte Purl meetup tomorrow.

take care...and that's all for now...boy this was a long post!

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday's Tidbit - ScribeFire

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