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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Entrelac Throw

 I decided in the fall of 2012 to complete all of my WIP's and I did it! However, a few weeks ago I stumbled across one more WIP that I had missed. This throw called "Entrelac Throw". So, I had to put aside what I was knitting on and finish this project up instead. 

When I started this throw back in 2007, (which by the way was the first year I learned to knit) I found the pattern a little difficult and that is probably why I put it away. When I first pulled it out and started knitting on it again I was amazed at how easy the project seemed 6 years later! I am still amazed at how much easier certain knitting projects seem after you get a few years of knitting under your belt.

This was a little smaller in size than I had expected it to be, but I was happy when it finally came to that last square. It's definitely just a lap throw, but oh so pretty. Now a days I don't choose projects that aren't reversible and although the back of this isn't that bad, I do prefer the backside to look just as good as the front. My pickup skills improved over the years, so part of the back is to me a bit on the "ugh" side but it does show that my knitting has much improved. 
 You can find my Ravelry notes here...

That said, if you look closely you'll see a mistake. I did notice it straight away and would have only had to rip back one square, but decided to continue on and call it a design adjustment.
LOL I still like it!

" Have a blessed day!"

Monday, January 21, 2013

Personalized Circle Wrapper Sets

I am so excited to introduce my new Circle Wrapper Sets! These are 3 of the new designs.
Summer Circle Set, Turtle Wash Set and Let it Snow Set

Above is the Summer Circle Set (no background)
The Summer Circle Set comes with or without a background graphic. Photos on the left show it with and without that background graphic.

This is the Summer Circle Set (with background)
Each set has 4 designs and they sell for $3.99 each. I designed these to use on sewn, knitted and crocheted coaster gifts. However, they work well on wrapping dishcloths too! You do have to use a 3" circle punch to cut them out and you can find those at most craft stores and online. 

They print 4 to a page and using your punch upside down you center the graphic and then punch! They print with tiny dots at each edge to show you where to punch a hole/slit for your ribbon. you can use a small hole punch or slot punch. You can even use an exacto knife to cut a slit. Use ribbon, yarn or twine to tie the wrapper on and tie in a knot or bow on the back.

You can also bling them up with gems, glitter or ink the edges for that rustic look. 

You could also print them on colored paper for a different look. 

I like to punch a 3" circle out of card stock and adhere that to the back before punching the side slits for extra stability. Or, just print them on card stock! 
These will be up for sale today at my ArtFire Shop or at my Etsy store!

Click below to see photos of all the sets at my PhotoBucket story...

Personalized Circle Wrappers


  " Have a blessed day!"