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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Entrelac Throw

 I decided in the fall of 2012 to complete all of my WIP's and I did it! However, a few weeks ago I stumbled across one more WIP that I had missed. This throw called "Entrelac Throw". So, I had to put aside what I was knitting on and finish this project up instead. 

When I started this throw back in 2007, (which by the way was the first year I learned to knit) I found the pattern a little difficult and that is probably why I put it away. When I first pulled it out and started knitting on it again I was amazed at how easy the project seemed 6 years later! I am still amazed at how much easier certain knitting projects seem after you get a few years of knitting under your belt.

This was a little smaller in size than I had expected it to be, but I was happy when it finally came to that last square. It's definitely just a lap throw, but oh so pretty. Now a days I don't choose projects that aren't reversible and although the back of this isn't that bad, I do prefer the backside to look just as good as the front. My pickup skills improved over the years, so part of the back is to me a bit on the "ugh" side but it does show that my knitting has much improved. 
 You can find my Ravelry notes here...

That said, if you look closely you'll see a mistake. I did notice it straight away and would have only had to rip back one square, but decided to continue on and call it a design adjustment.
LOL I still like it!

" Have a blessed day!"

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