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Monday, January 9, 2012

More information on using pegs to knit with netted yarn...

I've had several people to ask me where I bought the end peg pieces that I used to knit my ruffled scarves. Here is some more information about that and what you can do to use pegs and knit these scarves like I do.
First I watched Iselas video here. She uses the Knifty Knitter brand of knitting board in that video and you can find those at Michaels Craft stores or other craft stores. She is using the purple one and I can’t remember if it’s sold alone or in a set. That would be the easiest and cheapest way to go.
Now the way I make them is by using the end pegs from my adjustable loom. My post with photo and instructions is here

I no longer refer anyone to dalooms dot com!!! My last order with them 5 months ago has never come nor have I ever received any communication from them as to why.
Now what may be a good idea for you, is to get (2) of their Keepsake Looms. These should work just fine for making these scarves the way I do. You’ll only be using about 7 of those pegs anyway and it doesn’t matter what gauge or size they are. I think this is the way to go. 
The only other thing you could do is to go and buy one of the Knifty Knitter brand knitting boards (the smallest one you can find) and have your husband to saw it in half to give you 2 separate sides. They cut pretty easily and you can sand the edges smooth.
Hope that helps!

" Have a blessed day!"