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Sunday, January 27, 2008

My New PC Corner

If you know me, then you know I am a tech geek... I love anything css, html, flash, etc... and I learn something new just about everyday and I use my PC everyday.

Reading email, writing email...
IM messaging with Yahoo...
Writing and editing looming patterns...
uploading and editing photos...
surfing Ravelry...
banking and paying bills online...
sending greeting cards...
buying yarn...
setting up my hair appointments...
searching the online Library catalog...
listening to knitting podcast...
or music...and of course

I could live without my PC, but I wouldn't want too!

So, I had my son build me a new faster PC, and my sweet husband bought me my new PC corner desk and my 2 new monitor's so that I can have dual screens!
Believe me I know you are saying "what the heck do you need 2 monitor's for?"
Well, I am great at multi tasking and boy does this help me multi task!

Anyway, here's a glimpse of my new corner, which is in the corner of my home salon. Yes, I am a hairstylist too, did you know that? So, come on in and look around...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Finger Knitting?

Finger Knitting

I saw a braided scarf in someone's notebook on Ravelry and she messaged me this morning and told me she had finger knitted it. I had never heard of this technique before. This would be an awesome way of teaching children the basics of knitting using a loom as the concept is very much the same. You use your fingers as the pegs!

This would be an ever so easy way of making i-cord too! I am so trying this!

Too Cool!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yarn pRon

Had to share some of my recent yarn purchases.

I had went to knit night a couple of weeks ago with Stacey at

Cottage Yarn Tuesday knit night and this lady was knitting this beautiful sampler with this yarn called ONLine Linnie Clip. It was so soft, vibrant and drape able. Anyway, I found some in Julie's stash for sale on Ravelry and purchased these 5 skeins from her for $45.00 including shipping!


Next I purchased this Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Astrakan at Cottage Yarn for 40% off on the back porch! I was there last night for the Mobius Cast On Demo and I learned how! Whoo hoo!
Debbie that works there helped me to find this yarn for my mobius wrap which I am making for my Moma.

I have about 2 inches done, and I have idea's swimming in my head for some special design element for it.

There was also a lady there helping Debbie to teach us named Tam and she was a great teacher! I so got it! I had tried for weeks to find a video online showing this cast on to no avail. So, for this reason I am going to make a video showing how to do it this week, so stay tuned!

Last but not least my most extravagant yarn purchase to date! $15 per skein! Yikes!
This gorgeous Mango Moon Chakra!

It has all these little rocks and beads hand tied in...
I plan to incorporate it into my mobius wrap design for my Moma as an accent!

Tam B of Three Complete

Tam B of Three Tams Pattern

I just completed this tam this past Sunday. It turned out great, even though I did have to frog back about 10 rows before I started the decreases.

I made a mistake on the first 2 rows of the Corrugated Rib pattern. My knit stitches were sitting behind my purl stitches, but my friend Aura helped to get me back on track on the 3rd row.

Mine will just look a little different, but I will call it a design element...Ha! That mistake is right at the edge, the little yellow lines are the purl bumps laying on top of the knit stitches.

I considered myself very courageous to start this pattern. First time using a chart and knitting continental with my left and English with my right at the same time using both yarn colors.

This wasn't hard but I would have never figured out the decreases if it wouldn't have been for
my Charlotte Purl friend Janet

I knew something was wrong when my count didn't end up right on that first decrease row. So, I had to frog back 10 rows or so. I just used my smaller size 4 circ and picked up a whole plain row and started over from there.

She explained that you have to take the last stitch of the previous round to make the S2KP! The pattern doesn't say anything about this!
She also gave me the tip to be sure to give a bit of slack on the carried yarn or floats, especially at the top, so as not to have it pucker. This worked out great on mine.

I see mistakes and I somehow didn't end up quite right at the bind off, but I still like it anyway.

I give myself a B+ for effort!

Ravelry Details Here

Sunday, January 20, 2008

We had some snow...

OK, I know, I know, here in the south we get a little excited over snow. We don't see much of it, so therefore we get excited over the least little bit of it and we don't know how to drive in it either.
Or at least this GRITS (girls raised in the south) girl don't!

So, then why am I driving in it? Well, this past Saturday was our monthly Knit Nuts Meet Up


and it wasn't snowing when I arrived at the coffee house, but started soon after. It wasn't sticking so we just stayed and knitted anyway.

Sheila who works at the library with Aura arrived first. This was her first visit with us.

Welcome Sheila! (blog-less)

Aura arrived next and I gave her a little birthday cake tape measure, as her birthday was Sunday. It was also Sheila's birthday Saturday, so Aura gave her a pretty knitting needle roll. Sheila had made a pink beaded row counter for Aura's birthday. They both had the prettiest hand made stamped birthday cards to go along with their gifts to each other.

Sandy stopped in just long enough to say hello and let us know that she couldn't stay. She had been to Cottage Yarn, but was having car problems and thought it best to get home as the weather was turning yucky! We will catch you next time Sandy!
Thanks for stopping in to say hello.

Rose came and had just purchased some cotton yarn at The Peace of Yarn, but they said it would be over 30 minutes before they could wind it for her???
So, Aura and I set out to wind the yarn so she could get started on her project. It was so tangly that it took all 3 of us to get it untangled and wound into a ball. If Rose would have had to do that at home alone, I think it may have been slung out the window!

Sheila was knitting on a shrug, Aura was knitting on a dishcloth, I was knitting on my tam and Rose was starting a cute baby sweater. It was nice to chat, knit and admire the snow falling while being cozy and warm in the coffee house.

We had a great time, and hope that you'll come join us next time.

Saturday, February 16 th.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Year Knitting in Full Swing!

My first FO of the new year is this Wooley Pulley I knitted for the troops.

I knitted it using size 7 and size 5, but will go up a needle size next time, as I think it could be a bit larger.

My son just built me a brand new pc! You may not think this has anything to do with knitting, but it does. I have 2G's of RAM and a duel processor which makes it so much easier and faster to post to my blog, post to Ravelry, work on my website, shop for yarn and much more fibery stuff~! I also have a 500 G hard drive which I can use for taping all of those Knitty Gritty episodes!

He also set up pcanywhere on my old pc, so that I can log in from the new pc and transfer everything. So my old pc is sitting in my sewing room with no monitor, no keyboard or mouse and I can still log onto it from my new pc, to take my time in getting all of my files to my new pc.

The next thing I want is another monitor, so that I can have 2 and use them as duel screens, which will be so helpful with multi-tasking on the pc.

Now, for more knitting news...

I have started on Jennifer's Felted Clogs (for the CP KAL) and have finished the first and am working on the second. These really knit up so fast! You can see more info in my Ravelry notebook on my progress.

I actually by mistake when starting, marked the wrong side as the right side which gave me these purple purl bumps that showed on the right side of my clogs!

However, this ended up being such a help later when it was time to pick up those 79 stitches around the bottom of the clog to add the second bottom. I was easily able to see which stitches to pick up!

So, this mistake ended up being a blessing and I am purposely making the same mistake on the second foot.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Fiberlicious Year in Review

Delicious Fiber + Awesome Patterns = All of my Projects of 2007

1 Scarf
1 Skirt
1 Pair of Clogs
1 Coaster Set
1 Crocheted Case
1 Baby Blanket
1 Baby Sweater
1 Tank Top
2 Pair of Socklets
2 Shawls
3 Shrugs
3 Hats
7 Purses
9 Fingerless Gloves
29 Dishcloths and 1 Dishtowel

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