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Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Year Knitting in Full Swing!

My first FO of the new year is this Wooley Pulley I knitted for the troops.

I knitted it using size 7 and size 5, but will go up a needle size next time, as I think it could be a bit larger.

My son just built me a brand new pc! You may not think this has anything to do with knitting, but it does. I have 2G's of RAM and a duel processor which makes it so much easier and faster to post to my blog, post to Ravelry, work on my website, shop for yarn and much more fibery stuff~! I also have a 500 G hard drive which I can use for taping all of those Knitty Gritty episodes!

He also set up pcanywhere on my old pc, so that I can log in from the new pc and transfer everything. So my old pc is sitting in my sewing room with no monitor, no keyboard or mouse and I can still log onto it from my new pc, to take my time in getting all of my files to my new pc.

The next thing I want is another monitor, so that I can have 2 and use them as duel screens, which will be so helpful with multi-tasking on the pc.

Now, for more knitting news...

I have started on Jennifer's Felted Clogs (for the CP KAL) and have finished the first and am working on the second. These really knit up so fast! You can see more info in my Ravelry notebook on my progress.

I actually by mistake when starting, marked the wrong side as the right side which gave me these purple purl bumps that showed on the right side of my clogs!

However, this ended up being such a help later when it was time to pick up those 79 stitches around the bottom of the clog to add the second bottom. I was easily able to see which stitches to pick up!

So, this mistake ended up being a blessing and I am purposely making the same mistake on the second foot.

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