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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lacy Mock Cable Dishcloth

Yes... I'm...

Lacy Mock Cable Dishcloth

This is my first try at a more complex design. It is by no means perfect...LOL
Believe me there are many mistakes. However, I am pretty proud of myself for accomplishing this pattern that incorporates lots of yo (yarn over's) and skpo (slip, knit, pass yarn over).

I used size 9 needles and so I only repeated the 16 row design twice. I think it would look better using smaller size needles and getting the pattern repeated at least 3 times.

I crocheted a little edge on as well. I just always thinks this add's a special extra touch.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dishcloths Galore

I have been teaching myself to needle knit. I know... WHAT? However, my hubby gave me 2 knitting books for Christmas and I thought, why not learn? So, that is one of my new year's resolutions. So, I decided to make dishcloths as it is a great way to learn and practice new stitches.

Next I want to learn to use the double pointed needles to make wrist warmers and sandal socks.

I got most of my patterns at The Dishcloth Boutique, so you can find them there.

These are some of my crochet, knitted or loomed dishcloth's.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My Crochet Hook Case

This is my crochet case that I just made. It was a fast project that I finished in two evenings. I used the pattern Afghan Hooks, Cro-Hooks or Knitting Needle Roll by Priscilla Hewitt. She has two other hook case patterns, one for aluminum hooks and one for steel hooks.

I did adapt this pattern to fit my regular size hooks, steel hooks and plastic hooks.
In the pattern she calls for double crochets to make all of the pockets or sleeves for the hooks, and she also only made 8 pockets total. Her pattern is for the longer 14" hooks with a
change in ( )' s for 10" hooks. I wanted my pockets to fit my 7" hooks.

So, instead of a 51 chain start, I made only 41 chains. Where she calls for 15 sc, then 20 sc, then another 15 sc. I just changed the middle 20 sc for 10 sc, which made my pockets shorter.

I also changed the pockets to fit my larger plastic P and N hooks by using treble crochets instead of double crochets. Then I changed the pockets to fit my steel hooks by using single crochets for double crochets. All of the rest of the pockets are made using the double crochets that she calls for in the pattern.

I made 8 regular dc (double crochet) pockets, then 1 tc (treble crochet) pocket, then 4 sc (single crochet) pockets then 1 more tc (treble crochet) pocket, and ended with 8 more regular dc (double crochet) pockets.

The one other thing I did, was to sl st along the 2 inside edges to tighten them up a bit. These long inside edges are where the ends of your hooks slip under.

Also, instead of buttons I used 50 ch (chain) ties for the ends and one 97 ch (chain) tie for the middle. I knotted the ends and wrap around and instead of tying, the end just wraps under and stays put because of the knot.

I love Priscilla's crochet pattern site and all of the patterns are free.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

A sweater for my hubbie!


I made this sweater for my hubbie for Christmas. I used a double ended crochet hook and worked with 2 yarns at the same time. I used a pattern from a book called "Crochet on the Double Made Easy" by Donna Scott - ISBN #1573671266

It works up fairly fast and makes a gorgeous thick fabric. I used a navy blue yarn for the background and collar, cuffs and bottom ribbing. I used a red varigated yarn for the front foreground color and this gave it a nice slight color change through out the sweater.

You work the pattern using the two yarns at the same time!

This will keep him nice and cozy on those cold winter days! I love you sweetie!

Crocheted Flower Scarf

I made this scarf for my daughter Jennifer. She showed me a photo of one she had seen, while shopping.

I tried to make it as similar to the photo as possible. I hope you like it Jennifer?