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Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Shopping Spree...yee hah!

Twice a year Michael's has an employee sale. The one at the end of the year is 50% off of your entire purchase! My husband is a store manager at one here in town, so twice a year it is so worth being married to him....LOL
He of course loves it when I get home from my shopping spree as I am happy for days after!

Lookie at my stash!

and look at all those 50% off's...

I got Christmas stocking stuffer's, ornaments, stickers, yarn basket and yarn holder, a great book, Paton's Shetland Chunky Tweeds, Lion Brand Cotton Ease and Organic Cotton, sewing accessories and knitting accessories, Sculpey and Sculpey tools, 2 of the cutest felted Christmas bags...that would also look adorable on a standard pillow, so going back to get more of those!

That's my little Hayley modeling them for me. They are precious and they have so many designs! They are 3D or quilted like, not a picture just stamped on. I got them to put a gift in, for my son and daughter.

Let's just say I had fun, fun, fun and my moma and sister did too, even though it was raining! Which we so needed, so I'd never complain!

Then my cute little merino sheep stitch markers came!
I like these so much better than the last ones I purchased so this etsy shop will be a fav from now on. There just too cute!!!
Check out her stuff! WeeOnes
Hopefully, she will start making the sheep knitting needles too! I am so going to knit more of those berry knitting bags.

Happy, Happy is me!

Monday, October 22, 2007

He will come in a flash...are you ready?

This video shows exactly how fast the Lord Jesus Christ is gonna take us.... if you're ready it will inspire you...
if you're not read John 3:16

Do you know if you're saved...and will be taken in the rapture or if you die before the Lord returns will you go to heaven?

Find out how here...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Rest and Relaxing Knitting

Well, I woke up with an awful headache around 5 am, so I took some Excedrin and sat under the hairdryer. (I have a salon in my home, so this dryer is the big bonnet kind.) I can so... sleep under that thing and when my headaches are that bad, at least when I am under the hair dryer the pain immediately subsides. My hubby uses it too for headaches but I have to cover his bald little head with my Turbie Twist towel! Ha!

Anyway, headache is much better so I played around with making a little knitting pin. I have seen these knitted like little flags, socks, etc. and I wanted to see what I could come up with.

What cha' think?

Still needs some improvement, but still cute.

We had a great time yesterday at Charlotte Purls and we had a great turn out. Stacey, Angela, Sophia, Fran, Wendy, Michelle, Diane, Carrie, Alison, Janet and me. Every one's projects are looking so good. Alison's Clapotis is so soft and the color is divine. Diane was knitting on her Fetching and they were coming along nicely. Sophia was knitting on her Lady Eleanor which she is knitting with her own self dyed yarn! She also showed us her new belly dancing hip scarf that she had crocheted. Wendy had finished a beautiful shrug/cape and she modeled it for us. Fran was knitting on her Fetching's and so was Michelle, Wendy and Stacey. I was knitting on my Stained Glass Fan Bag and showing off my other projects. Many of us had multiple projects with us and we were all ooohhing and ahhhing over every one's WIP's.

Angela is new to our group and I think Stacey was helping her get started on a project. Janet is also new, although this was the first time that I had met her, as last meet up I was out of town.
So, welcome to both of you ladies!

We even had a gentleman stop by our table and inquire about out group. Who knows we just might have our first "man purl"! We all said hello and found out that he knits Aran sweaters and socks for his wife and family. Stacey gave him some info and wrote down his email so maybe soon we will get to see some of his FO's.

I got a package this past Friday...

My free skein of Vickie Howell's yarn and a cute little magnet! If you talked about her new upcoming podcast... Craft, Rock, Listen on your blog she would send you a free skein of yarn. I never thought it would get here this fast. It's a small little skein of bamboo and silk in a pale yellow. Not my fav color, but it was free.

I mentioned this to some of my knit friends Saturday (who will remain nameless) and they thought yuck and why would anyone do that for a cheap skein of yarn? Duh ME! LOL
Remember most of my yarn stash is Michael's yarn at a discount! I can't afford to buy only LYS yarns (here is wishing I could), as I love Debbie Bliss, Noro and all those other yummy yarns, but there ain't a thing wrong with my less than $50.00 skeins...LOL Gosh but I have seen yarn that sold in my LYS for over $30.00!
Anyway, my stuff only has to please me and it so does.

Ok, all for now... my knitting is calling me....
"I'm coming"

Friday, October 19, 2007

Jordana Paige and Knitty Head Moma

Boy I've got a lot to you might wanna sit down... oh you're already sitting...whoops!

Jordana Paige Knitting Bag

My Jordana Paige knitting bag finally got here. I love it!

Extra Chunky Ponchette

I spent the day with my mom knitting, chatting, having lunch and just shootin' the breeze. I always enjoy when I can knit or crochet with my moma. I finished up my first Ponchette and left

it at her house blocking.
This is Megan modeling it for me.
My sister Jan, wants to buy it. I started the second Ponchette using the yarn's it calls for and can I say I love the Katia Sevilla and the Katia Ola, but I hate knitting with size 35 knitting needles... ugh!

You can find the Ponchette pattern in

Felted Stained Glass Fan Bag

My Felted Stained Glass Fan Bag is coming alone nicely and I am going to knit some on it tonight. That is if I can ever finish this blog post...LOL Boy, I need a

I think I told you that my first try at this bag turned into a mobius mess! Well, I completely changed the way you begin this pattern and it worked perfectly. Here is the file with my new, fool proof, your bag won't turn into a mobius instructions with some tips as well. After all, who wants to cast on 144 stitches?

My Modified Instructions for Beginning this Bag.

Rasta Hat

Next... I made this hat for my husband months ago and I am just now sharing photo's of him in it. He loves it and wants 2 more. One in Dallas Cowboy color's and one with longer dread's in brown so it looks like he has hair... Ha!

You can find the Rasta Hat pattern in

but you can find the instructions on Knitty Gritty here.

Knitty Headed Moma

Last but not least, I leave you with my moma and her knitty head. She has such THICK hair it even holds those big ole' size 35 knitting needles... Ha, these make me chuckle... love you Moma!

Whooh... I know I'm tired... are you?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

FO ~ Knitting Needle Knitting Bag

My Berry Sweet Knitting Bag

Pattern: Knitting Needle Knitting Bag from

Designer: Pam Allen

Yarn: Patton's Shetland Chunky Tweeds in Deep Red (3 skeins)

Needles: US 8 Options, 32"cord

Started: October 5, 2007
Completed: October 17, 2007

Modifications: Used seed stitch for handles instead of garter stitch.
Also used wooden knitting needles with decorative clay sheep and a set of sheep stitch markers for decoration.
Bought these from Designs by Tami on Etsy.

What I Learned: I had never knitted the berry stitch before and it was very easy to do.
Video on this page showing how to do the berry stitch
which is also called the blackberry, bramble or trinity stitch.

Here are the instructions on how I made my lining...

knitted bag instructions

Friday, October 12, 2007

New yarn, new ideas, new WIP's

This has been a busy but enjoyable week. First we just returned from our nephew Winston's wedding which was held on the beach. It was a beautiful wedding and we had a great time. We stayed at Seaside Inn at Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort. Our suite was very nice and the screened in porch was nice for relaxing and knitting, with the sound of the fountain nearby.

You can see the photo's of the wedding here... (password is wikoff)

Once we returned home I was greeted by my order from WEBS that had arrived with my Boku andthe
Karaoke yarn!

I also purchased some Noro Silk Garden from a friend on Ravelry and it came too! Joy, joy, joy much entrelac knitting to do. Oh and I almost forgot my Katia and Ola yarn also came.
This is the yarn that was called for in the Ponchette Pattern and I want to knit it again in hope's that I will like the drape of it better using the yarn it calls for.

My Berry Sweet Knitting Bag is waiting on the needles that I ordered for it. It is all knitted up and waiting to be assembled. Wait till you see the needles, they are so cute!

I started a new project using my new Karaoke yarn. It is called Felted Stained Glass Fan Bag
and thus far it's pretty easy to knit. A little different than anything I have knit so far, but still easy to follow and coming along. I will have photo's soon, not much to show you yet.

Still waiting on my beautiful Jordana Paige knitting bag to arrive. The tracking says that it will be here Monday! Finally! I ordered it on my birthday... September 27th! This is way longer than I thought it would take... jeez! So, I should have a nice package waiting when we return home from Tennessee.

Oh, speaking of Tennessee ... my hubbie has surprised me with a mini vacation to the mountains this weekend. We'll be staying in Cubby Bears. We leave early tomorrow morning and come back on Monday. As we just returned from the beach I wasn't expecting this at all. We have stayed in Pigeon Forge, TN before and always enjoy our visits there and this will be the second time that we have stayed in one of Timber Tops rentals. The last time we rented a chalet and took our children, but this time it will be just the two of us and we are looking forward to a relaxing weekend. I of course will be knitting out on the porch and enjoying the view.

Ok, that is all for now as I have to go pack and get all of my knitting together to take with me.
Hope everyone has a nice weekend as well...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

My Berry Sweet Knitting Needle Bag

I just had to start this cute Knitting Needle Bag pattern
that I saw in my Knitting Daily email the other day.
(you must sign up to get the FREE patterns)
I just fell in love with it... from the cute berry stitch to the wooden
knitting needles used as part of the design.

So, I went marching to my yarn closet to find
some bulky yarn which I knew I must have somewhere. I found this deep red Paton's Shetland
Chunky Tweed which I have used twice before. Once on my Brea Bag and another time knitting the Strut your Stuff tank for my daughter. However, I only had one skein, so of course I called my sweet hubbie and asked "Can you please bring me home 2 skeins of yarn?" to which he replied...
"oh my gosh, don't you have enough yarn yet?" HA! never I said...LOL

So, he kindly brought me the 2 more skeins that I needed, so now I can take this project with me to the beach this weekend to work on, as well as my Lady E. I mean I have to take both as they need the attention! Oh, and this is the first time using my Knit Picks Options Harmony needles, which I am absolutely loving! This pattern uses a stitch I had never used before called a "berry" stitch, which is kinda' cool! Well, you'll either love it or hate it, and I actually am enjoying it! Overall, this is a no brainer, easy, fun, and a "don't have to look at the pattern" knit.
So, what are you waiting for .... you know you wanna knit this~!

Now... maybe I can drop by a knitting shop at the beach and find my size 15 wooden knitting needles that I will need for this knitting bag. Here's hoping!

Here is a link where they show how to knit the berry stitch
(aka- bramble, trinity or blackberry stitch)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Entrelac Throw

This pattern is called Entrelac Throw and it is in the
Vogue Knitting on the Go - Baby Blankets Two book.

I am using Vanna's Choice yarn in 5 colors.
Dusty Blue, Dusty Green, Taupe, Linen and Silver Blue.
I am knitting with size 6 and size 9 needles that it calls for.

I have learned there is a definite pattern to the order in which you knit and pick up stitches! They should have told you that in the book.

Also this pattern book is very small! This is why I made a copy of the page and then enlarged it, so that I can also better keep track of where I am.

I like this pattern because you don't have to make gads of squares and then seam them up all at one time. There are still little ends to work in but I am making sure I work those in as I go.

Just remember that when you start, your square's will look all funky and skewed, but that is OK, they even out once you get more squares attached. Then lightly blocking should make it most perfect!