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Friday, October 19, 2007

Jordana Paige and Knitty Head Moma

Boy I've got a lot to you might wanna sit down... oh you're already sitting...whoops!

Jordana Paige Knitting Bag

My Jordana Paige knitting bag finally got here. I love it!

Extra Chunky Ponchette

I spent the day with my mom knitting, chatting, having lunch and just shootin' the breeze. I always enjoy when I can knit or crochet with my moma. I finished up my first Ponchette and left

it at her house blocking.
This is Megan modeling it for me.
My sister Jan, wants to buy it. I started the second Ponchette using the yarn's it calls for and can I say I love the Katia Sevilla and the Katia Ola, but I hate knitting with size 35 knitting needles... ugh!

You can find the Ponchette pattern in

Felted Stained Glass Fan Bag

My Felted Stained Glass Fan Bag is coming alone nicely and I am going to knit some on it tonight. That is if I can ever finish this blog post...LOL Boy, I need a

I think I told you that my first try at this bag turned into a mobius mess! Well, I completely changed the way you begin this pattern and it worked perfectly. Here is the file with my new, fool proof, your bag won't turn into a mobius instructions with some tips as well. After all, who wants to cast on 144 stitches?

My Modified Instructions for Beginning this Bag.

Rasta Hat

Next... I made this hat for my husband months ago and I am just now sharing photo's of him in it. He loves it and wants 2 more. One in Dallas Cowboy color's and one with longer dread's in brown so it looks like he has hair... Ha!

You can find the Rasta Hat pattern in

but you can find the instructions on Knitty Gritty here.

Knitty Headed Moma

Last but not least, I leave you with my moma and her knitty head. She has such THICK hair it even holds those big ole' size 35 knitting needles... Ha, these make me chuckle... love you Moma!

Whooh... I know I'm tired... are you?

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  1. Love, love the rasta hat. I have one with braids we bought in Jaimacia for my son. But I just have to make the knitted one. Another pattern to add to my "one day" list sigh :)

    And mama is cool!!


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