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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Brea's coming along

Sittin'and a Knittin'
Brea is coming along nicely! At first glance at the pattern, I thought that each wedge section was knit separately and then sewn together. NOT!
The pattern itself makes the wedges magically! Can you tell by my enthusiasm that I am still a new knitter learning.
All I can say is Brea is a fun knit and a quick one. The rows just go so fast! I am using Paton's Chunky Shetland Tweed in Biscuit and a size 9 needle. The pattern calls for a yarn where you hold 2 strands together and I didn't want to do that, so I decided to opt for a bulky yarn and it worked. I even bought some super bulky today and plan another one using a larger needle size, which will make it a larger bag.
Um... I wonder how the pattern would felt using wool! Hehehe!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Completed Baby Surprise Jacket

Sittin'and a Knittin'

Here is my finished Baby Surprise Jacket. I added a collar and ribbing to the cuffs. It turned out nice, however I didn't really care for this yarn. The little sparkly strands in the yarn would split easily which was aggravating to say the least. I do plan on making more. I am making a blue one next for a friend who wants it for a gift.

I love the way changing colors makes it look. Above is the back view and

below is a close up of the details.

I found these cute little flower buttons!

As I stated in my last post I found this PDF file to keep track of rows as you are making the jacket/sweater very helpful. However, I changed a few spots in the guide to more closely follow the directions that Meg Swansen gave in the DVD where she explains how to make it.

When I have permission from Dawn to post the revised file here for downloading I will.

Update: Dawn Adcock has graciously agreeded to let me post my revised file here.
You can find it on my sidebar under Knitting Helps.
I have also placed a link to her gorgeous knitting patterns
(Dawn's Dream Designs)
on my sidebar under Knitting Patterns. Be sure
to check them out!