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Monday, August 12, 2013

My Spring Showers Cardigan

Irish Spring Cardigan

I recently completed this cardigan called Spring Showers.
I was very pleased with this cardigan. I was used Interlacements Rick Rack in the Irish Heather colorway. The skein has 1200 yards, but I was still afraid I would run out. I did have yarn left over so I could have knit the sleeves a bit longer. However, I’d rather have some left over than to have run out. The pattern was well written and a breeze to knit. I made the 42/44 size and it fit perfectly and is so comfortable to wear. I didn't find it necessary to block it and just wore it as soon as it came off the needles! I definitely want to knit another one for myself and make the sleeves elbow length.

1: Knit only 6 W&T rows in each wedge section. This gave me less fullness and dropped them a little lower down from the bust.
2: Used the German Short Row method. LOVE this method and will use it from now on.
3: Picked up sleeve stitches with smaller needle
4: Knit only 8 rows on sleeve in the round after sleeve short rows. Then knit edging of sleeve as written.
5: Knit only 15 edging rows. I thought this made edging wide enough.

CHANGES if I knitted this again. I’d add 10-15 extra CO stitches to give a little more length. This would drop where the wedge sections start and drop them down further from the bust line. I would also knit the sleeves longer.

Using my Stitch Minder app on my iPhone made it easy to keep track of short rows while also simultaneously keeping track of full rows.

You can find my Ravelry details here... 

" Have a blessed day!"