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Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Shopping Spree...yee hah!

Twice a year Michael's has an employee sale. The one at the end of the year is 50% off of your entire purchase! My husband is a store manager at one here in town, so twice a year it is so worth being married to him....LOL
He of course loves it when I get home from my shopping spree as I am happy for days after!

Lookie at my stash!

and look at all those 50% off's...

I got Christmas stocking stuffer's, ornaments, stickers, yarn basket and yarn holder, a great book, Paton's Shetland Chunky Tweeds, Lion Brand Cotton Ease and Organic Cotton, sewing accessories and knitting accessories, Sculpey and Sculpey tools, 2 of the cutest felted Christmas bags...that would also look adorable on a standard pillow, so going back to get more of those!

That's my little Hayley modeling them for me. They are precious and they have so many designs! They are 3D or quilted like, not a picture just stamped on. I got them to put a gift in, for my son and daughter.

Let's just say I had fun, fun, fun and my moma and sister did too, even though it was raining! Which we so needed, so I'd never complain!

Then my cute little merino sheep stitch markers came!
I like these so much better than the last ones I purchased so this etsy shop will be a fav from now on. There just too cute!!!
Check out her stuff! WeeOnes
Hopefully, she will start making the sheep knitting needles too! I am so going to knit more of those berry knitting bags.

Happy, Happy is me!


  1. ooh - looks like you scored some great stash items!!!

  2. OMG, what a terrific shopping trip! Love the sheep stitch markers, so cute! And your bag makes me feel like I should discard those little paper shopping bags I use for my projects.

  3. I stumbled onto your blog throught Mason/Dixon Knitting Ring...I'm green with jealousy of your bounty! Great pull ;)


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