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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tam B of Three Complete

Tam B of Three Tams Pattern

I just completed this tam this past Sunday. It turned out great, even though I did have to frog back about 10 rows before I started the decreases.

I made a mistake on the first 2 rows of the Corrugated Rib pattern. My knit stitches were sitting behind my purl stitches, but my friend Aura helped to get me back on track on the 3rd row.

Mine will just look a little different, but I will call it a design element...Ha! That mistake is right at the edge, the little yellow lines are the purl bumps laying on top of the knit stitches.

I considered myself very courageous to start this pattern. First time using a chart and knitting continental with my left and English with my right at the same time using both yarn colors.

This wasn't hard but I would have never figured out the decreases if it wouldn't have been for
my Charlotte Purl friend Janet

I knew something was wrong when my count didn't end up right on that first decrease row. So, I had to frog back 10 rows or so. I just used my smaller size 4 circ and picked up a whole plain row and started over from there.

She explained that you have to take the last stitch of the previous round to make the S2KP! The pattern doesn't say anything about this!
She also gave me the tip to be sure to give a bit of slack on the carried yarn or floats, especially at the top, so as not to have it pucker. This worked out great on mine.

I see mistakes and I somehow didn't end up quite right at the bind off, but I still like it anyway.

I give myself a B+ for effort!

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  1. Wow Connie!! Your Tam is beautiful! I hope to make one soon!

  2. I think Janet will have us all making those tams!!

    Yours turned out great Connie!!

  3. Beautiful - a great learning experience.


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