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Friday, September 28, 2007

What's with the Blankety Blank?

Potty Mouth?

If you use the Firefox browser there is a great add on that they have, called Profanity Filter.
You must have the GreaseMonkey add on installed first. I have found this to be a wonderful tool for me and I am sure at least some of you will also find it useful.

Why am I blogging about potty mouth? Well, as my blog reading has much increased due to the Google Reader's Next function which makes it so easy to go from blog to blog, I have found that some of my favorite blogs have an ever increasing use of foul language. Now, mind you I am not perfect and have used many a curse word in my many years of life, but I refrain from cursing and writing out curse words. It is a conscious choice because of my faith and I have also never thought it pretty to see a lady use profanity or gentleman like of any man to use it either.

I actually never thought much about cursing, as I am used to the regular foul language in TV and movies these days, however I don't hang around anyone who curses and no one in my family curses. Then one day at Ravelry I noticed that on the about me page that you fill out it asks you your fave curse word? This sorta shocked me as I thought "fave" then it occurred to me I am in the minority here...LOL

Now I don't want to give up my fav blogs and with the above tools I don't have too! I mean why throw the baby out with the dirty bath water... right? So cool!

Now, I don't want to offend you if you curse...that is by the way your choice and your right. I just don't want to hear it or see it as it offends me. I mean every time I am casually reading someone's blog and really enjoying it and out of the blue "BAM slam thank you mam" in my face offensive language! Why?

I guess I have never understood why it's necessary. I really think it is just a bad habit that you get into. I remember before I was married and young... LOL... and working in a salon, I and another co-worker got pretty bad about using the S- - - word and the D-- word. We both decided that we were going to stop and we did. It took a concerted effort but we did it.

To end, this of course is JMHO, but I sure am glad that just as you have the right to have a "potty mouth", I also have the right not to have to hear it!

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