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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I have another WIP that I have marked off of my to do list to share with you today! I had made one of these little sweaters back in April of 2011 (Cutie Tootie) and a month after 
started this one. (Cuddle Muffin

I had seen the pattern Lillieput and loved it, but at the time didn't want to spend $7.00 for that pattern for just one size. So, I opted for the free pattern, Short Rows Baby Jacket. This pattern worked fine, but does have it's flaws. I think the neck comes out way to large and the sleeves too narrow. Instead of picking up stitches around the neck, I crocheted 2 rows of sc. I also added crochet loops for button holes. I think this could be used for a boy, but seems better suited for a girl. To me this pattern looks more girly anyway.

I may end up purchasing the other pattern anyway as I do love it. I still need to sew my patch on the first one, but have decided not to sew a patch to this one. My Ravelry notes are linked above. Thanks for taking time to look!

" Have a blessed day!"

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