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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Love me some felted slippers...

Ever since knitting my first pair of Fiber Trends felted clogs I have loved wool slippers!
Why? Well, you can slip them on with bare feet, they keep your feet toasty warm and your feet DO NOT sweat in them! LOVE, LOVE!

I literally wear holes in the heels of every pair I have knit for myself. However, I think I have that problem solved! This last pair I knit for myself using the pattern "Felted Clogs made Easy" I painted the bottoms with Tulip Slick paint.

This not only makes the bottoms non-slip it gives them extra durability. I used a foam brush and painted on 2 coats, letting the first dry before applying the second coat.

This works much better than the Plasti-Dip product I have used in the past. The Plasti-Dip smells horrible and it seeps through to the inside of your slipper. The Tulip Slick paint has no smell and stays put on the bottom and doesn't seep through to the inside!

I just squirted out an outline of where I wanted the paint to be and then kept squirting it out and filling in the outlined area.

Next I used a cheap throw away foam brush to spread it out. I found it worked best pulling from the outline into the center area. It dries pretty fast and will have a shiny look even when dry.

 I wear mine every day and absolutely love them!

I also love this pattern! It is by far the fastest and easiest knitted slipper and I'll be making many more of these using this pattern! You knit the tops, seam the heel and knit the soles separately. Then you seam the tops to the bottoms. Don't let this seaming discourage you from trying this pattern. Believe me it's super simple and fast!

I also knit this pair as a gift to my gynecologist "Dr. Sal". Long story but she is the best ever and I just love her. I've been through a lot with her this past year and she always makes me feel like I am her only patient. She was so thrilled with the slippers and they fit her perfectly!

I placed them sole to sole and wrapped a belly band around them with a cute scalloped sentiment on the front. I think it added just the right touch.

I hope you'll give not only knitted and felted slippers a try, but also this wonderful pattern...
" Have a blessed day!"

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