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Monday, December 19, 2005

Beige Marl Felted Handbag Update


Just wanted to show you all a photo of the handbag in progress. I have knitted the bottom of the bag with just the Natural Mix, then I am continuing with the Beige Marl to finish it.

I am planning on having a flap closure with added beads to give the closure some weight. I am still not quite sure how I am going to do the handles yet.

As you can see I am using my 30" Versatile AJAL from Decor Accents. I absolutely love this board.

You can find great tutorial video's on knitting board and loom stitches at


  1. Ooooo, can't wait to see it finished!

    Hope your Christmas is merry and blessed!

  2. I love the way that looks! Now I want to try that board too! Show us the finished piece!

  3. hi, love the bag. did you do it in the regulare figure 8 pattern?

  4. Hi Looming Looney,
    This is wrapped using the garter stitch method, where you knit and then purl each peg as you go. I usually ewrap all around and then knit off a peg and then purl that same peg, and do this all around. This gives a nice smooth finish to the felted bag. The figure 8 wrap you are speaking of is done only on a knitting board. You can find great video tutorials of knitting board and loom techniques as
    Hope this helps, Connie

  5. I am thinking about buy this board.. how do ya'll like it.. oh.. i love the bag btw..


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