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Monday, March 6, 2006

Always A Work In Progress

I just wanted to brag on my daughter, Jennifer. She is now 25 and living in St. Petersburg, Florida. She decided that she wanted a change in her life and moved to Florida sight unseen in June of 06. I think she was very brave to do this. She moved in with a friend from high school, Jessica and another friend, Katie. After one week there, she got a great full time job and seems to be very happy.

She is very talented in my opinion as a writer. She has always had a talent for anything dramatic. She acted some in high school, but never took to that, like she did writing. Anyway, she has a blog, (Always A Work In Progress)
where she can post all of her writings. She has so many books started, and just doesn't seem to have the time to finish them.

This should give her the opportunity and desire to work on them again. I have helped her start her blog, and post some of her work. I am sure that you will agree that she really does have a talent for making the words come to life. She has a great imagination, and I am sure that she will someday be a great author. Of course I am biased on that issue. LOL

Please take the time to visit her blog and read some of her work. She would love to hear your comments on her stories, so leave her a comment, won't you? You can click on the title of this post to visit her blog, or click on "Always A Work in Progress" in my link section to the right.

Oh, and I will keep you in touch, as to when she's famous!

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