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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

My new sewing room!


Here are some photo's of my new sewing room! My daughter moved to Florida last week and I am making her old room my new sewing room. I am not completly done yet, but this is my progress thus far. My old sewing room will become my exercise/guest bedroom.

It is hard to tell from the photo's, but she and I tore up brown paper bags and applied them to the walls. I then took some flat gold paint and sponged it on the walls. Next I sponged on top of that, some tan glaze. I want to get my husband to add crown moulding around the top of the room at the ceiling next. I also still need to add shelving to both of the closets. This will make it easier to store all of my yarn and fabric and other crafting items.

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  1. Wow love your sewing room!!!! My dream is to have a sewing room some day. May never happen but i can dream. You have it so nicley done and im so envious of all your yarn. Enjoy it all. Marion


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