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Friday, July 13, 2007

Moving back to Blogger, oh my and why?

Sittin'and a Knittin'

Ok, yea I know... you just wanna smack the crap out of me...right? LOL
I mean am I staying on Blogger now for good, or next week will I be bailing out to a new
blogging spot? In truth... I don't know! Isn't that horrible?

I really am planning to just stay put, on Blogger, at least for now or until something much better comes along (and I mean MUCH better). That still doesn't sound very loyal does it?

Ok, now for the why. Well, I wasn't really getting the jive of the widget's on Blogger, which is why I bailed from here in the first place, that and the template's meagar choice's, but it's about the same on WordPress. Both have their good and bad.

However, on WordPress you're not allowed to use any "java script" ARG!
I never knew how much I used "java script" until I couldn't use it anymore. So, thus my re-newing my lease on blogging life here at Blogger.

I had written a few (well more than a few) post on WordPress, so I am keeping the account open so that any of you who may want to see what you missed can go there and read those post.
So, here is the link for my now, old blog on WordPress...

Here is the now, new link for my blog...
Knit Knot Purl Curl on Blogger

Now, you can always get to my blog
by also typing into your
browser address bar.

It will always re-direct to where I am at the time...LOL
You still have to update your bookmarks though...sorry!

Now, to all of you dear bloggy friends, thank you for being so patient with me, and now
back to our regularly scheduled program!


  1. I've gotten so used to the quirks of Blogger that I just can't imagine moving elsewhere and having to relearn how to do stuff.

  2. The no javascript rule on is really annoying. Still it never bothered me until I found out recently that they also occasionally put random ads on our blogs and the placement is sometimes right between the entry title and the entry. I don't mind supporting and occassional ad in exchange for a free platform, but I'd like to have that agreement specifically and prominently laid out and not in the middle of my content. Especially if I can't place my own ads and I don't get a cut of theirs.

    For the first time since I switch I'm considering changing again.

  3. I went back to blogger from running my own wordpress site because I got so tired of hacking. I started blogging to get out of tech and all this stuff just put me right back into it!

  4. I started out on Tripod then moved to Wordpress then to Blogger. I am now on Typepad and really like it. The only thing is if you want to change the template to fit your design, you have to pay a monthy fee. I think it is worth it, but I know a lot of people would rather have a free blog.

    I was wondering where you got the Ravelry button. I looked on the site but couldn't find it. Thanks!


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