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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Starry Night Progress

Here is my progress so far on the
Starry, Starry Night Baby Blanket.
I still have to finish the cloud outer border and add the small individual stars and tack them on.
I have finished the 3-D cloud border and tacked it down though.

Also, I think the back is just as pretty and may add a few individual stars to the back.
After blocking this will be so beautiful and boy is this a lot of dc's.


  1. Connie - absolutely beautiful....don't know if I'll ever be able to do something that beautiful. I find crochet is harder...I know you'll say it's easier...but not for me...Anyway sorry to tell you but I have tagged you. Don't know if you are up to the challenge. Check my blog, Ok? My daughter's friend Elizabeth started it all. I can't quite understand the last part about the links. Maybe you can explain. I had a time trying to make the slide presentation part of the post. So the slides show at the top. Some of the pictures were taken in Panama when I visited this past Feb. Take care, Connie.


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