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Monday, October 12, 2009

Announcing Carousel Beret

Carousel Beret

a design by Connie Haney

Pattern includes directions for Beret Version and Slouch Version!

Baby = 14” – 16” head circumference
Child/Pre-Teen = 17” – 19” head circumference
Adult = 20” – 23” head circumference

This pattern isn’t at all hard, but I wouldn’t call it a beginner pattern either. You should be familiar with increasing and decreasing and knitting in the round.

Pattern includes directions for Beret Version and Slouch Version. The font for each is a different color in the pattern to help you follow along more easily.

A floppy beret in 2 versions with a picot hem and decorative ribbon row, with a cute tied i-cord loop at the top.

For the beret version the top of the hat tilts easily like a beret. The slouch version is more rounded, sits flat and doesn’t tilt as much. It can sit at the top of the head like a beret, but looks better pulled down more like a cloche.


Red_Carousel (9)Red_Carousel (3)

Ladies_Carousel_Optional (4)Ladies_Carousel_Optional (14)

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