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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First Knitted FO for 2010

Pretty in Pink

When I went to upload my photos for this project to Flickr I was surprised that this was my first knitted FO for 2010! Are you kidding? It's June and I am just now finishing a knitting project? Wow! I have been doing some crochet and I have been busy crafting more with my Cricut these days, but I didn't realize that I hadn't been knitting. 
I made this for one of my husbands employees who is having a girl in August. They are giving her a baby shower mid June, so I knew I needed to knit fast. I forgot how much fun these little BSJ's (Baby Surprise Jacket) were to knit. I did add a 2x2 ribbing to the sleeves and added a crochet picot edge around the front and lower back edge, neckline and sleeves. I also used an applied i-cord bind off. Another thing I did was to knit an eyelet row and then run an i-cord through it. It turned out very nice.
ButtonsSleeve I-cord
Ravelry details here...

" Have a blessed day!"


  1. Really like the color yarn you used! The extra enhancements really make this surprise jacket unique. They are going to love it!

  2. A cute variation on a favorite of mine! I have knit as much as I usually do either this year. My project in Ravelry seem to be at a halt! I left you a gift on my blog today!


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