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Friday, December 2, 2011

How to Knit a Ruffled Scarf using Pegs and Netted Yarn

I'm going to try and explain how I knit my ruffled scarves using the end pieces from my adjustable knitting board and the new ruffle type yarns which look like ribbon 
until you stretch them out to reveal a netted type yarn that is about 2 to 3 inches wide.
First grab your end pieces. I'm using ends that have 8 pegs. I've added loops to only 7 of the pegs. Have the wrong side of the pegs facing you. Turn under about 2" of the yarn and place on a few pegs, then place loops on the other pegs and again on the first few. What you are doing is hiding the raw edge inside the ruffles to start. Add loops so that your working yarn is to the left.
Now, stretch out the yarn and take every other loop along the top edge of the yarn and place on the pegs going from left to right. (the top of the yarns edge will have loops and the bottom edge will have a finished edge)

Keep adding loops from left to right until all 7 pegs have loops on them. Now you have 2 loops on each peg. One from the cast on row and one that you just put on. Remember that on a few pegs you'll have 3 loops from turning under that first 2 inches.

Now tilt the end piece forward slightly and using your pick tool, knit off the bottom loop up and over the second loop and off the top of the peg. This is called knitting off.

After all loops are knitted off....

Tilt the end piece up and giving the bottom of the yarn a tug it should now look like this. Once you have knitted more rows you'll no longer have to tug as the weight of the scarf will do it for you.

Now you have to transfer these loops to the other end piece. If you didn't do this your scarf would only have ruffles on one side. You are essentially knitting around and around in a circle. Adding a ruffle to the front and then to the back of the scarf.
To get the loops to the other end piece, slide the other end piece up between the pegs where the loops are. Then transfer them one at a time to the right peg beside by lifting up and over from the back of the new end pieces pegs. 

Once all loops have been transferred they will look like this.

Next, just slide the first end piece out from behind and your loops will now be placed on the second end piece all ready to knit the next row. Your working yarn will always be to the left of the pegs.
Just keep repeating this method to knit your scarf as long as you want.

Now if you are really brave, this is an easier and faster way to transfer your loops!

Take your second end piece and position your empty pegs under the looped pegs. I sort of wiggle the empty pegs back and forth a bit to make sure they are in the loops. Now, here is the scary part...

In one fluid motion tilt the end piece with the loops up so that the loops fall onto the empty end piece. Be sure that the pegs that are empty keep touching the other end piece the whole time!

This is so much easier than it sounds and is much faster than transferring the loops one at a time! But, if you are faint of heart or just a scaredy cat, then by all means transfer your loops the way I explain above. Your scarf doesn't care! LOL

I hope you'll give this method a go, as I am sure you'll find that it is much faster than using the knitting board and less stressful. It is also easier on the hands than using knitting needles. What ever way you decide, I hope I've encouraged you to try one of theses scarves. The hardest part will be finding the yarn!
" Have a blessed day!"

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