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Monday, November 14, 2005


Hi and Welcome to my blog. My name is Connie and I live in Mint Hill, North Carolina. I am a wife, mother, hairstylist and most importantly a crafter! I love crafts of all kinds, you name it I've tried it. Lately however I have aquired a love of knitting boards and looms. Me, along with my mom and sister, have knitted over 200 scarf's for 2 craft shows in November 2005. I have also started designing patterns for the knitting boards, because there is few and far between in my experience of searching them out. Most recently my character scarf's seem to be very popular. I call them "Connie's Little Characters". I will soon have them for sale on my website... Bee Happy Gifts. I already have the Santa pre-made scarf's for sale, soon I will have the pattern for sale. I also have an Elf, Snowman, Rudolph and Christmas Mouse. Well, that's all for now...back to my knitting!


  1. OH You sound so kewl. you are so talented...

  2. My daughter is full of herself tonite...she's drivin me crazy..I'm still working on the reversable scarf... gonna go get busy...

  3. Hey Moma,
    Bet you didn't think that I would figure this out! LOL
    Love you,

  4. Nice meeting you :) is great to put a face with the written words :).

  5. Connie,
    I love your newsy "knit" postings. "Knit Knot Purl Curl" is most creative, just like the creator. Have a great week knitting away.
    Joyce G.

  6. Hi, I love your blog. It's very interesting. Love your braided scarf. It's in my favorite colors. Wished I had the direstions to that. Keep up the great work. Darlene

  7. What wonderful work you do. Do you have a pattern for the Denim Felted Handbag?? Cost please if you do. I would love to make that with your permission. Thanks Madelyn Martin

  8. Madelyn,
    This is Iselas Rowan bag pattern.
    The only thing I added was the I-cord handles and the i-cord frog =
    closure. It is really easy and fun to make. Let me know if you make one =
    and I would love to see a photo of it.
    If you don't have the 30" AJAL that is needed to make it, I know she =
    sells a flat version of it, called the Lily bag, below.
    Have a blessed day! Connie


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