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Friday, August 25, 2006

A challenge to all of you smart knitter's out there!


Ok, I know that there is some great, smart, talented needle knitter out there who could figure out how to translate this pattern to the looms! I humbly beg of you in all of your greatness to have mercy on us who do not possess the grand brain power that you have, to please come up with a pattern for these cuties!

I am positive that many loomers out there like meself, would forever, and I mean forever, bow at your blessed feet!

Pretty Please!

And if you are really up for the challenge then these in looming language would be super as well!


  1. I found a pattern in the Summer They're called "Lickety Split" They are knitted toe up. This is easy if you use double point needles, but for the loom, it may be more trouble than it's worth, but I never let that stop me before. The mitten loom may be the answer (I don't have one yet), but the thumb loom would make the great toe part, from that point I would need the loom to really get into it.

  2. Processing.. take a peek at my blog!!!

  3. I saw these a while back and love them,please share when a pattern get out there.


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