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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Blue Sky Alpacas Pleated Skirt

Sittin'and a Knittin'

I wanted to knit something nice for my daughter's birthday in late June.

This is Jennifer.

I decided on this cute little pleated skirt. I thought that this would be a hard and time consuming knit, so I started early so that it would be finished by the time we go to St. Petersburg, Florida on the day of her birthday... June 28th to visit her for a few days.

This skirt really was very fun to knit! I used Shine Sport yarn in Willow from Knitpicks. The pattern calls to knit the back and front separate. So, I used a size 4 Addi Turbo in a 47" length so that I could knit both front and back at the same time.
It is so neat how you get this pleated look, just from knit and purl stitches! Here is a close up of the pleats.
Once I finished the pleats I joined both sides to complete the skirt in the round. This way there was no seaming at the stockinette sides or the 1x1 ribbing at the waist. This is supposed to sit low on the waist or high on the hip. I didn't do a test gauge and made it using the largest waist size of 29".
Waist Sizes: 25 (26.5, 29)"
My daughter is 25" at her waist? So why did I make it that size...I looked at the pattern wrong and thought that those were hip sizes and not waist sizes! Yikes! Although, I should have realized this sooner, I mean who has hips that are that small... a barbie doll?
Luckily for me, it came out perfect. Or at least I think so, going by the dress form I have at home that is set to Jennifer's measurements. I won't know for sure until she tries it on when we visit her. If it is too big, I plan on crocheting a little picot edge around the waist and stringing it with a knitted I-Cord tie to keep it up. I just am hoping and praying it fits...LOL
Jennifer, we love you !

Update: It fits!

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