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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I wanted to wish everyone a joyous and blessed Thanksgiving Day tomorrow!

I have so much to be thankful for.

A forgiving and gracious Heavenly Father
A wonderful and loving husband
A beautiful and sweet daughter
A funny and smart son
Family who love me for me
A home to live in and health
Friends old and new
A great country
A wonderful church
and much more blessings of life than I could ever list here...

Take time to enjoy your day tomorrow, whether it be time spent with family or friends make every moment in life count for something. Share your smile! Live like it's your last day everyday. Give someone a compliment, make their day. Tell someone you love them. Show someone you care. Treat other's kindly. Listen. Be generous. Hug often.

Love and Blessings!


  1. Hi Connie - While I'm thinking of it...My husband Cliff is the palm expert and the palms in our yard can take the cold. They are chinese windmill palms. Most places like Lowes or Home Depot carry them.

  2. Hello my dear friend, as always I enjoy visiting here so many pretty things you all make. Listen there is a Warsd waiting for you to pick up at its a Best friends awards and you deserve it so go and pick it up so you can place it on your blog and do leasve me a comment and thanks,


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