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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's almost Christmas!

I can't believe it's been since Thanksgiving that I posted here on my blog! I have really been knitting away, but can't post anything here as I would give away the surprises of gifts that are being made.

So, after Christmas I will show you all what I have been keeping secret, promise.

To the left is one of my Christmas Santa Scarves that I made for a lady that had seen one of my clients wearing one at her doctor's office. I truly didn't have the time to make this, but she said that when she saw it, it made her smile for the first time since her home had been vandalized. Her mom's jewelry which only had sentimental value was taken and she was distraught over that most. So, I had to put my other knitting aside to make this for her. It only took me a couple of evenings to finish it and I know it will make her so happy to get it before Christmas instead of after like I promised her.

Now, something I can show you. I finally purchased my Cascade Tweed 109 LE for the
Fiber Trends Clogs I will be making for the Charlotte Purl's next KAL. Ain't it pretty?

I will use the dark purple as the trim for both pair and one pair will be red and the other pink.
I will be making a small and a medium pair. Both for gifting next Christmas... ha ... getting a head start on next year! Oh, and by the way I purchased this at The Peace of Yarn in Matthews and they have it all on sale for 25% off.

My new friend Aura and I went shopping Sunday to above said yarn store and to Hancock Fabrics where I found these Shawl Pins for $1.99 and they are so pretty.

Aura and her husband Cliff went to church with us Sunday and then we went for lunch at McAllister's in Monroe. Aura and I then later went shopping and she came back to the house and we chatted, knitted and had coffee. What a great day it was!

Of course I have been decorating the house for Christmas in anticipation for my daughter Jennifer who is flying home the Saturday before Christmas and will get to stay a week!
Here is the tree, with a space cleared for new presents which I am going to wrap in a bit.

Here is my piano all decked out with the Christmas cards we have gotten thus far and my favorite little lighted Christmas house that I got years ago from Avon.

Here is the most cherished Snow Baby figurine I have.

My Justin got this for me when he was five. He had been with me when I admired it in a store. He then on his own went and told his Daddy what he wanted to get me for Christmas. I was so elated on Christmas morning as I had no idea he had even paid attention while we were out shopping! I had not even told my husband that I like Snowbabies at that time and I had only been collecting Precious Moments. That was the start of my love of Snowbabies, but this one with the Rudolph and his little blinking nose will always be my favorite as it came from my son.

It seems as though saying Merry Christmas is being taken out of advertising these days as well as tv ad's. I choose to not shop at retailer's who refuse to say Merry Christmas or call a Christmas Tree a Christmas Tree! You never here the word Christmas hardly ever in retail, online or tv or radio. It's just Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings.

Please make it a point to say the word Christmas this year. If someone wishes you the best this Christmas, be sure to wish them a "Merry Christmas" Please don't take Christ out of Christmas, He is the reason for the season!


  1. We're still trying to get the tree up. I did take Miss M shopping and let her choose an ornament for the tree.

  2. Great Shoppin! The Cascade Tweed is wonderful and those colors are very pretty!!!

    I hate when I miss a sale! I may need to get by there soon!!

    Your tree is gorgeous!!

    Have a Blessed Christmas!!

    Jesus is the Reason for the Season!


  3. Can't wait to see your Clogs :) Merry Christmas!!

  4. Thanks for reminding all of the true meaning of Christmas. God's gift of his son is the greatest gift and the one that will last forever.


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