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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

CP "CHRISTmas Luncheon"

This past Saturday was our Charlotte Purl get together. It was a cold and rainy, yucky day. Our weather has been so extreme. One day it's sunny and in the 80's and the next cold, cloudy and in the 40's. Brrr!

Anyway, I had a great time in fellowship with some great ladies. Diane (blogless) and I chatted about recent and future projects and Judy (blogless) and I discussed her recent knitting problem of learning to M1.

Some ladies brought their knitting with them and other's of us just ate and chatted.

First photo: That's Paula (new) on the far left, then me, Diane, Mimi and Rose at the end.
Second photo: Mimi and Rose chatting with our waitress.

I took my little yarn ball pins that I had made for everyone and passed them out. Everyone promptly pined them on and they seemed to be a big hit. I had worked all last week on and off drilling down those little golf tee's for the knitting needles to stick in the pins. I used Noro Silk Garden for the yarn which made them varying colors of purple, teal, gray and dark blue. I then wrapped each one in Christmas cellophane and placed them in my little snowman bag to pass around at the meeting.

I also took my mom's Christmas knitted gift to show and Diane modeled it for me. Of course I can't share those photo's here, yet. Anyway, the knitted project took a turn once I got home and turned into a completely different project. I think I like it much better now anyway.

Ok, all for now... I am cleaning the house today in preparation for my daughter who is flying in from St. Petersburg on Saturday. Her dad and I her picking her up at the airport that afternoon and she will be here a whole week! I can't wait. My Christmas tree is bulging with gifts and we are going to have to make room for more!

Christmas eve I have Patrick's family coming over to eat and fellowship, so I am glad to have Jennifer here to help me with the cooking preparation's. Then on Christmas day we head up to my sister's Jan's house for Christmas lunch and fellowship with my family. We have a busy week ahead, but I am looking forward to every minute. I am blessed beyond compare!

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  1. I know your Christmas will be very, very special...Take lots of pictures, Ok. I will be in touch with you from Williamston. I plan to play with the grandkids toys...haa..ha...Should be fun!!


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