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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Etsy and Packaging

My take on packaging...still learning too!

I wanted to share the way I've been packaging my etsy store sales that I have to ship. I wrap the item and the thank you gift separately in tissue paper and then I use a sticker with my shops name on it to keep the tissue paper closed. The photo below shows my last sale that went out. I also include a Pocket Testament with the plan of salvation. I also put in my business card which isn't in the photo.

Thank you gift...
If you haven't shopped at etsy you may not know about the thank you gift. Most if not all etsy sellers will include a hand written thank you note and small extra gift. This is what makes etsy sellers special and shopping at etsy special. I have even received a coupon or card for an extra discount next time I shop with a certain seller.

I ordered the little envelope and card that I used from ebay and then just decorated it myself. The sticker on the front of the little card is my new logo and I plan to print these on stickers to use next time on the tissue paper. This time I used some stickers I still had with just the name of my shop and my website link. I used a glue that once dry will stick and then re-stick. That is the dark color you see on the flap of my little envelope.

My friend Aura who also has a shop on etsy called AuraKnits shared with me that it is less expensive to ship via PayPal. So for this order I used the PayPal shipping link and was able to ship this package for $2.09! Your item needs to weigh less than 13 ounces to use PayPal shipping and choose First Class. Over that weight it will be less expensive to use
This is great and helps to keep shipping cost low for my customers.

I also called USPS and they told me that any box less than 12" x 12" x 12" is considered a package, anything over that and you have to choose large package. Another thing is that as long as you have a printed shipping label on your package or envelope you can request that the postman picks it up right from your home. It can even be in your own box and not a Priority box. You can request pick up online, but I know my postman well and so he told me to just put a note in the mailbox that I have a pick up and he then knows I have one on my front porch. That way they are out of the weather. So, as long as it has a label and NOT stamps they will pick it up, otherwise if you use stamps on a package (that won't fit in your mailbox) you have to take it into a post office. Also remember that you save if you pay and print your own label online than if you take it inside a post office.

A long time ago I was able to get these spring type scales free from the post office.

They can weigh up to 6 pounds when stacked together. I did find them for sale on ebay, but check your local post office or to see if you can still get them for free.

If you want to ship Priority remember you can get all of the supplies, boxes, Priority labels and etc. free and have them mailed to your home for free at This helps if you don't want to weigh your items. I ordered a Priority Mail kit so that I would know what boxes are what size and cost to ship. This is still more costly than using PayPal's shipping for packages and envelopes under 13 oz.

Another knitting friend, Larrisa who also has an etsy store called Beyond Stitches posted on her blog recently about how to use a white box to take better photos for your items that you sell on etsy. You can find that post here. I've since started using my own setup to take better photos this way.

I hope I've helped you learn something you didn't know today!


  1. Wow, you go way over and above the call of duty! VERY nice. Thanks for the info - it's really handy.

  2. I really did learn something new today. Thanks so much for posting this information. I love that you do so much with your packaging. Very thoughtful of you.

  3. So nice of you to share all this information about packaging and shipping. I had no idea about notifying the mail man to pick an envelope or package from my front porch as long as it has a shipping label. I mailed something last week but the mail man had already come by, so I dropped it in the mail box on Lawyers & 51, the one near Homestyles. I just heard, plunk...and said a little prayer...LOL...About the thank you gift that most Etsy seller include. I look in anticipation when I open my order, and I'm always so touched.

  4. Wow! You do a fantastic job with packaging. Love your little labels and thank you card.


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