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Sunday, January 20, 2008

We had some snow...

OK, I know, I know, here in the south we get a little excited over snow. We don't see much of it, so therefore we get excited over the least little bit of it and we don't know how to drive in it either.
Or at least this GRITS (girls raised in the south) girl don't!

So, then why am I driving in it? Well, this past Saturday was our monthly Knit Nuts Meet Up


and it wasn't snowing when I arrived at the coffee house, but started soon after. It wasn't sticking so we just stayed and knitted anyway.

Sheila who works at the library with Aura arrived first. This was her first visit with us.

Welcome Sheila! (blog-less)

Aura arrived next and I gave her a little birthday cake tape measure, as her birthday was Sunday. It was also Sheila's birthday Saturday, so Aura gave her a pretty knitting needle roll. Sheila had made a pink beaded row counter for Aura's birthday. They both had the prettiest hand made stamped birthday cards to go along with their gifts to each other.

Sandy stopped in just long enough to say hello and let us know that she couldn't stay. She had been to Cottage Yarn, but was having car problems and thought it best to get home as the weather was turning yucky! We will catch you next time Sandy!
Thanks for stopping in to say hello.

Rose came and had just purchased some cotton yarn at The Peace of Yarn, but they said it would be over 30 minutes before they could wind it for her???
So, Aura and I set out to wind the yarn so she could get started on her project. It was so tangly that it took all 3 of us to get it untangled and wound into a ball. If Rose would have had to do that at home alone, I think it may have been slung out the window!

Sheila was knitting on a shrug, Aura was knitting on a dishcloth, I was knitting on my tam and Rose was starting a cute baby sweater. It was nice to chat, knit and admire the snow falling while being cozy and warm in the coffee house.

We had a great time, and hope that you'll come join us next time.

Saturday, February 16 th.

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  1. Great post Connie. Loved the movie. Teach me teach me....ha...ha..I will tell Shelia about the post.


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