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Monday, September 25, 2006

Candy Corn Dishcloth Number 2


    Candy Corn Dishcloth #2

        Ok, my husband and son both said that my last Candy Corn dishcloth looked like a flag? Well! I just had to make another one in the shape of candy corn as well... let them call it a flag now...LOL

          Now, my mom has given me an idea for another one, so I guess my daughter will be overflowing with these candy corn dishcloth's...LOL


            1. Connie superb job,looks just like a candy corn. Love it.

            2. Beautiful and looks just like candy corn...but, I also liked the 1st one...and it DIDN'T look like a flag!

            3. Connie, Love your Candy Corn!!!
              Very cute!!!

              This would make a fun KAL!!!


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